marisol. 14. ca. aries.

burn my hands
and i'll show you how
to build a wildfire
from scratch.

We Are Moths

You picked up a rock
and smashed it into a million grains of dirt,
turning the dust on the windowpane
into something greater
than us.

My fingers are bleeding out
the words you never

Picture this:
you and me, eating leftover fries at a diner.
The building has a rooftop
and no one is there
to warn us.

Turn the lights off.

Let’s see who burns brighter
in the dark. 

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October 19 2014

I’m addicted to the way
your light turns me into a shadow.

I’m watching your beauty from the dirt
and I’ve never seen someone
exist so quietly.

You trip down the bleachers
and laugh. My heart turns to stone
but I can feel it
setting fires in my skin.

My bones clutter the doorway,
a sad skeleton with a confused grin
too tired to pull the pieces
back together.

Your smile kills.

It’s a fire that won’t
die out.

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October 12 2014

you’re so fucking interesting. i’m sorry i can’t stop staring at you in class. i think you’re attractive, but it’s okay if we don’t kiss or touch each other, ever. i’m just here to write about your hands and make you immortal.

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October 11 2014

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October 8 2014


*sees moon*
*remembers outer space*

(via pniepple)

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October 4 2014

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September 26 2014

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September 21 2014